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Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Yep, a screenshot of a bridge for the Sherlock Holmes movie. Why? I just love this industrial revolution scenario. Oh, and in school I drawn a lot of bridges under construction. Not sure why my teacher did not like it.

Anyway, that is a relevant part of the movie, but not (usually) the reason why you watch a movie. First, you have Iron Man… erm.. Sherlock Holmes that is fun, unlike the usual boring ones. This time Watson is the very boring guy. The story is acceptable. No big mysteries. Just the deductions are nice. Not excessive clever, just observation, mostly.

But there is a scene where I almost choke without air, laughing out loud and almost rolling on the floor 🙂 Yeah, if you watched it, you guessed, the fight between Sherlock and that French dude, each one asking for some seconds, and the French dude flying with electric shocks. LOL!

Elementary (Season 1)

Holmes and Watson

Holmes and Watson

As a friend once told me, this series can be a little dumb. And an intelligent person like Sherlock using Windows 8 isn’t much plausible, too. But the series is good, and the Finale was interesting. The reinterpretation of the old Sherlock by Sir Conan Doyle is interesting, with a new Watson and a new Moriarty. In the expectation of a next season. And for me to say that to a series without jumping boobs, means it is good 🙂

Elementary (2012) S01E01

Sherlock @ Elementary

After Sherlock series, there is a new series named Elementary. Yes, with Watson and Sherlock. Again? Yes, again. And you are watching it? Sure, it is different.

Different Why?

And now, spoilers. I promise not to tell the story, just how the series work. Sherlock is a guy that worked in London as a consultant for Scotland Yard. He had some issues with drugs, and got interned. In the last day of internship, he escaped, just to tell there are flaws in the security system. He got a companion to help him not to get into drugs again. The companion is Watson, Joan Watson, a cute girl.

The cases analyzed by Sherlock are not related to the original books. That is great. Gives liberty, and doesn’t go for histories we all know by now. The only similarities are having Sherlock, one (well, female) Watson, that is also a doctor, and Sherlock being able to deduce things. Promises.