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Modern Family (Season 7)

Modern Family (season 7)

Modern Family (season 7)

Although I finished this season some weeks ago, I did not notice there were no more episodes. The fact of every episode having a different story, with minimal umbrella story (the one that glues episodes together), and the lack of a season finale are the reasons for missing it.

In any case, Modern Family continues as good as it was. I still think that Alex Dumphy deserves an episode meeting Sheldon at Caltech (even being two different producers, why not?) and I think Manny, like above, is deserving a chance with a girl. Not necessarily a hot blonde, but I feel for him. Probably because I think I deserve this chance too…

The Big Bang Theory (Season 6)

Leonard being a Show Off

Leonard being a Show Off

When all the four geeks get a “girlfriend”, my auto-esteem goes down. Anyway, Penny continues brilliant, Sheldon continues unsupportable, Leonard the same guy, and Raj gets even more feminine (wait for the last episode). Amy is great, and her face expressions are even better than Leonard or Sheldon ones. No big news on this season, other than the new girlfriend.

And, finally, somehow I understand why some people said TBBT was getting too offensive. I understand but I do not agree. We should know to deal with our history. It can be difficult, but we should.

The Big Bang Theory – S03

The Big Bang Theory - S03

The Big Bang Theory – S03

Well, to change a little, this time I do not share a picture of Penny, but of this pervert scientist. Let me know where to find one like this.

Regarding this series, the main idea is Penny and Leonard being committed in some kind of relationship. Of course that ends mostly at the end of the season, just in a way the next season can grow in interest somehow. Other than that, there are mainly two episodes I really liked. The first one if the one presented in the picture above. It was fun. The second one explaining how Sheldon and Leonard met and agreed to those apartment rules.

Also, in this series we know that Sheldon likes Ubuntu. So, not so smart as we think he is…

The Big Bang Theory – Season 2

"knock knock knock! Penny? knock knock knock! Penny? knock knock knock! Penny?"

“knock knock knock! Penny? knock knock knock! Penny? knock knock knock! Penny?”

Most people like The Big Bang Theory because of Sheldon. Yeah, he is fun, and most of the episodes are dedicated to him. But of course I like better Penny cuteness. Ok, Ok, looking to the four guys, a think I am more like Leonard, liking girls and not having the guts to invite them. But in the other hand, I think Raj Koothrappali is very, very cool.

I am quite behind in the available episodes/seasons, but I am looking forward for the next seasons.