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Masters of Sex – S01E01

The scientific dildo

The scientific dildo

The usual review to the pilot/first episode from a new series. Yeah, I have too many series to watch, more the old ones I would like to review. Whatever. The worst that can happen is to die before having the time to watch them all.

But back to Masters of Sex, the history of Doc. Masters, a fertility expert that decides to learn the details of conception right when the parents do sex, in an epoch were sexology wasn’t anything known. The history goes with the preparation of the project, and getting volunteers to… have sex, while they are watched. In parallel, you will get love/hate/sex stories between the main characters.

My main complain at the moment is the length of the episodes. More than an hour is too much for a series episode. That’s one of the reasons I like some other like Modern Family or The Big Bang Theory.