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Y tu mamá también (2001)

Maribel Verdú as Luisa Cortés

Maribel Verdú as Luisa Cortés

If at first this (Mexican) movie can seems an Erotic movie, it is much more than that. You can start suspecting that if you notice the classification as a Drama movie, and later, when you start wondering why an erotic movie would have a 7.7 classification at IMDB.

No, not because of the boobies (there aren’t that many) or the cunts (not so many, too). But because of the message the movie passes. You won’t understand it fully until the end (or at least, I did not). The way the narrator interrupts the movie to say something, and the fact that he doesn’t say, always, relevant things to the movie, makes it kind of harder to understand the real reason for the way the movie rolls.

If you do not get easily shocked with sex talk, and some nudity, then probably you will like to watch the movie and, and the end, it will make you think about (yours) live.