Max Payne (2008)

Max PayneYes, I normally pass a long time without seeing a movie, but when I start it takes some time to end. Hehehe. Kidding.

This time it was Max Payne. You know, I played to some of the Max Payne games and I liked them. Not because it was just another first person shooter, but because it has some nice movements from the main character. In fact I think that what sold Max Payne games was that allied with the nice performed videos.

Unfortunately the movie could not mimic both things. The atmosphere is similar to the video game, but the main character is not. It just has two or three movements that remind us of the video game. Remaining is crap.

Regarding the story, it is easy to predict. It is just the same story of every time where the criminals are the… oops, do not want to spoil the story. Also, the story is not complete. A lot of loose ends are present, that make the watcher ask, and why, and what happened, and how, and so on. This is not the kind of questions I like to have after watching a movie unless the answer is really in the movie and some though lead us to the answer. I do not think that is the case with this movie.

To conclude, the movie was prepared for a sequel, as can be inferred from the last scenes (after credits). As far as I can say from searching IMDB it is not being prepared. More and more directors think that following a good character (say comics books or a video game) is enough to have a good book. That is not true and Max Payne is one of the examples. If you want another, look to Transformers. I am not sure how they managed to get a sequel…