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House, Season 7

House, Season 7
House, Season 7

Well, first of all, warning, this might include some spoilers. In the other hand, I do not think there must be much people still watching old seasons of House.

Anyway, this season is about House and Cuddy, from madness, to boyfriends, to madness. This whole part of the story wasn’t that appealing to me, as I am not that romantic (and there weren’t any romance), and I do not like much dramas (and yes, Cuddy complaining with House was more like a drama than anything else).

Other than that, there were some interesting stories, some interesting patients, some small details on some episodes. In the other hand, in the middle of the season there were a few uninteresting episodes, where after watching I just though.. well, more of the same.

What I liked in this series was Martha Masters. Not because she is a cute girl (she is) or because she is very cute in that kind of clothes she uses on the series (she is), but I really liked the character, the way the though, how she interacted with House, with patients. She gave some fresh air to some episodes.

And, of course, the latest two episodes were kind of cool, showing the full madness of House. Not that in other episodes there isn’t madness, but, it got exaggerated on these two…

Now, need to start with the actual season…