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Da Vinci’s Demons — Season 1, Episode 1

Hera Hilmar on Da Vinci's Demons

Hera Hilmar on Da Vinci’s Demons

No, I did not choose this picture only because of the boobs. Even because they are nothing special. But because of the sentence. What do you remember first from your life? I confess I do not have many old memories. It seems my mind likes to save other things…

In any case, back to this series. I know I already have too many series being watched, and most of them stalled for some time. But I saw an advertiser on this and I got interested.

So, this series tells the story of Leonardo Da Vinci. Of course you can’t trust it. It is a story. But it includes some real references. The problem is telling what is truth and what is imagination. In any case the maniac interest on machines, namely flying machines, is a truth.

For now the story is nothing brilliant. But I love the opening sequence and the CGI scenarios. So, for now I am interested in seeing where this is going. News later, if I even end watching the season.