Photoshop Fail

My latest failblog submission. As far as I know this was a student work on Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave in the Design course…

YouTube suggestion fail

YouTube suggestion fail.
YouTube suggestion fail.

This is my latest post on failblog. As they never publish my fails on the main blog, here I am sharing it. What does an Ad on Kindle have in common with an episode of Mr Bean? Yes… a pool…

Classic: Initials Fail

Initials FAIL!
Initials FAIL!

Submitted this fail to, but as it is not the first, and none of my previous fails got published in the main blog, now I am posting them here as well. You can always click the image, and vote for it.

Amazon is needing a calendar…

Status of my order at amazon, screen shotted 14 September.
Status of my order at amazon, screen shotted 14 September.

I think the image caption is enough to explain this Amazon ( fail. Books ordered on last Friday. They should be dispatched soon, probably on 13th September. It is just a shame today is 14th September, and they are still estimated for.. yesterday.

I check movies, or I don’t?

I Check Movies screenshot
I Check Movies screenshot

I have been using My Tv Shows to track the episodes I watch for some TV series. For movies, I am relying on this blog. Today I decided to search  for a similar web application for movies. I found what it seems to be promising: I Check Movies.

Unfortunately, what seemed promising resulted in a big delusion. First, the website lacks on usability. How do you check a movie you have just watched? I searched for a menu option, but there wasn’t any for that operation. Finally, I decided that probably that option would show up if I searched the website for a specific movie. Note that the search entry is somewhere near the profile options, where you are not expecting a main feature to be present.

But hey, I tested it, and the result was that the movie I just searched was not available. That is just great. And there is no option to add it. This would mean that I just watched a movie that does not exist at all. Yes, they do not admit that they might have forgot some great movie. I confess it wasn’t a great movie. My search was Bikini Girls on Ice, just because it was the last movie I watched. But it wasn’t found.

I decided not to give up right ahead (but that was my will), and tried to search for Big Fish. It is in the 250 top list from IMDB so it should really be there. And, great, it was. I checked in the movie. The website took about two minutes to process that request. Great for an asynchronous AJAX call, huh?

Then, I got back to my dashboard, and saw my profile a shown above. Can you notice anything interesting? Note that I have 0 checks, but I have one Last Checked item. Great!

Deleted the bookmark. Will continue to use this blog and IMDB to rate movies.

Google Indexes TTL

I really would like to know what is the time to live (TTL) of Google indexes. This blog of me changed design and back end in July (OK, end of July). We are in the beginning of February. Being a nice boy, this counts as six months.

And, after six months, I still have lots of lots of missed hits to posts that were published in the old engine and that are, yet, live in Google servers. What I need to do to make Google update their indexes and remove all this crap from there?

Moblin 2.1, last impressions

Moblin logoLast time I used Moblin 2.1 it suggested me to update the operating system. About 200MB of downloads. After about half an hour of downloads and updates (the SSD is quite slow) I turned the machine down. Today I turned the machine on and… the operating system crashed with a message that a component failed, and asking if I wanted to submit a bug report. Said yes. Computer freeze. Tried a reboot. Component failed. Said to dismiss the bug report. Computer freeze.

Twitter Fail

I am trying to get rid of a spammer twitter (pigeonpoll) for about four days. Look at the following image. That is what happens. I say I do not want to follow it anymore, and twitter says, ok, you are not following pigeonpoll anymore, but you are still following it. Just because I got enough of these stupid polls, I tried to block pigeonpoll. Unfortunately I am still getting messages from it.



Do not know if you know that SWIFT is a company responsible for financial services around the world. They also own the SWIFT codes to identify banks around the world.

But they do now know much about database normalization. You can find entries of “JP Morgan Chase” and “JPMorgan Chase”. After searching for the first one, and finding some entries, who in hell would search for the second one?