A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)

A Million Ways to Die in the West
A Million Ways to Die in the West

The first western I was able to see and like. True. Like specially the color. Great. I am not sure, but I think a lot is CGI. Nevertheless, great imaging. Also, like the jokes. Good the jokes about things too modern. Good the jokes about the different ways to die. And yeah, it is always good to know all the ways there are to die/kill. The story is not brilliant or new, but is good enough. And when you laugh from time to time, it is great. I liked it.

Da Vinci’s Demons — Season 1, Episode 1

Hera Hilmar on Da Vinci's Demons
Hera Hilmar on Da Vinci’s Demons

No, I did not choose this picture only because of the boobs. Even because they are nothing special. But because of the sentence. What do you remember first from your life? I confess I do not have many old memories. It seems my mind likes to save other things…

In any case, back to this series. I know I already have too many series being watched, and most of them stalled for some time. But I saw an advertiser on this and I got interested.

So, this series tells the story of Leonardo Da Vinci. Of course you can’t trust it. It is a story. But it includes some real references. The problem is telling what is truth and what is imagination. In any case the maniac interest on machines, namely flying machines, is a truth.

For now the story is nothing brilliant. But I love the opening sequence and the CGI scenarios. So, for now I am interested in seeing where this is going. News later, if I even end watching the season.