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Batman Begins (2005)

Katie Holmes and Christiane Bale

Katie Holmes and Christiane Bale

I leave to the readers to find an excuse why I chose this specific picture. In any case, and although I am not a big fan of Batman, this movie was interesting, as it is not the usual super hero movie, fighting a criminal, but some more, creating a character. And that is always interesting to observe.

Regarding the movie, not much to say. Just that I am waiting for the new Batman Lego sets. There are some good promises.

Other than that, I take the occasion to talk about super-heroes. Does they need to be extra-terrestrial (like Superman or Thor), bitten (like Spiderman), a scientific experiment (like Captain America or HULK), to have a genetic property (like all X-man superheroes) or… to be rich (like Ironman or Batman). I do not know any poor superhero. At least I do not remember any. And no, Robbin Hood is not a Superhero.