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Transporter: The Series (Season 2)

Violante Placido as Caterina Boldieu

Violante Placido as Caterina Boldieu

I liked this series a lot. As I included in the season I review, it included lots of action (martial arts-like), cars and car stunts, and pretty girls with few clothes. For this season, you can see some action, a few car stunts and no girls without clothes. The prettier girl around is, probably, Violante Placido, as Caterina Boldieu, but always in decent clothes.

They say a new season will be prepared. I am hoping at least the car stunts get back, because this is getting more and more distant from the Transporter character, and more and more near the 007 franchise.

Also, I am not yet sure why all car makes are removed from the cars. As you can see bellow, there is a Renault truck without its logo. No idea why the logo was removed. I think anybody will see that is a Renault. The same happens with all the Ford, Nissan, Kia, Skoda and other car makes that appear in the series. I think the only two makes I saw were Audi, the one that probably sponsors the show, because it is the transporter’s car, and a Mazda, that probably slipped from the censure, as it appears by, let’s say, accident, at it is just a parked car that get some focus.

Renault Truck

Renault Truck

Transporter – The Series – S01E01


After three Transporter movies that I loved (third is not that good, but not bad), I found out that there is a Series based on it. Well, if you like the movies, then you like cars, speed, stunts, girls, action, beating, more cars, more speed and some more beating. If that is the case, the series delivers what it promises: cars (check above), girls (check below) and some beating and action. The worst part? Other than the simple story, the main actor: Chris Vance is always smiling, not the cool and cold behavior that Jason Statham used us.

I may continue watching the series. Why? Because I like cars, speed and girls, and when I decide to watch it, then it means I am in the mood for that, not for a big and dramatic story.

Delphine Chanéac