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Stay Alive (2006)

Stay Alive

Stay Alive

This movie has a standard story, a video game turned reality (or mixes with it). Nevertheless, there are some nice details in the movie that makes it interesting to watch till the end. There are some glitches and the bigger one if the fact that the character Swink appears at the end, alive, although he should be dead. I can possibly find one or two excuses for that to happen, but they are not presented in the movie, making it seem cheesy.

Another fact that makes me think is the amount of laptops from AlienWare that appears in the movie. I know that they make (or supposedly make) the best PCs for gamers. But unless there is some money associated, I can’t get why a movie would advertise so much a brand. In fact, you can almost say that the AlienWare┬á laptop was essential for the main character survival.

6/10 @ IMDB.