ReboundToday was movie day. Rebound was the choice. It is tagged as “comedy” on IMDB, so it is a good choice after somebody tell you some other person have died.

Oh, well, back to the movie. It is a typical movie. Good coach gets in troubles, need to coach a bad team (this case, stupid — sorry boys — kids), makes that team win, and refused to get back to the old job (thus, coaching again the kids). See? Typical. But it has good parts. Very good parts. It is funny. It has at lease one girl I can remember, but it is quite fun. OK, some of the jokes are well known, but most of them make you really laugh. See it!


RevolverSaw this movie and what can I tell? Well, I didn’t understand it. It was so frustrating… complicated story, too much repetitions… few girls. Ok, it has some interesting special efects regarding people dying with shots in their neck and similar, but a very strange movie. Also, let me tell Jason Statham to continue with the Transport serie, and forget these stupid movies.

Watch it if you do not have nothing more interesting to do. Let me tell you that to vegetate navigating the Internet is more interesting…

Miami Vice

Miami VIceAccordingly with a friend this movie is very bad in relation to the serie. In fact, I do not know. I think I never saw it (the serie).

Given that the author (again, accordingly with my friend) is the same of the serie, I would say that he have a time limit… the story is good for 30 minutes of movie and not the 134. The truth is that the movie is slow… very slow… few action parts.

Ok, now for the good parts: a few girls, some (bad) sex scenes, a nice ferrari, some nice boats. More interesting parts, nice gun shots, some good action. And a few laughs… not much, I  confess.

Crash – The Movie

CrashThis OSCAR winner movie is in fact a really interesting movie. And yes, I think the problem with racism among different races is worst at the moment than the probable racism for gays as the other probable OSCAR winner tried to show.

The movie is great. It is not just a Crime and Drama movie, but also a Comic one. With a little more effort you might classify it as Thriller as well. Regarding actors, unfortunately Sandra didn’t appear more often. But, hey, no movie is perfect.

Finally, and not talking again about the details of the movie, let me talk about racism again. Just to say that as the movie shows, racism does not exist only between main skin colors (black and white), but also culture and, unfortunately, social class.

The Pink Panther

Pink PantherWhile The Pink Panther fans didn’t like this movie, I liked it. I didn’t saw any of the previous movies (well, probably I saw small parts on the TV) and thus, I do not know how the old Inspector Jacques Clouseau really was. I think the French accent was really good, and the stupidity was also very funny. I had a pleasant time watching Steve Martin. Jean Reno was a good Gendarme Gilbert Ponton, always with a serious face.

Regarding girls, while not fabulous, Emily Mortimer and Beyoncé Knowles make the movie catchy enough.

Scary Movie 4

Scary Movie 4Scary Movie 4 is, as all Scary Movies, a funny movie. I think it is not the best of the four. In fact, I think it is the worst, but good enough for a lot of good laughs. As usual, it plays with other movies in the cinemas around the same dates. Instead of talking more about the movie, let me try to identify other movies present on Scary Movie 4:

  • Saw
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • The Village
  • The Grudge
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Million Dollar Baby

Surely I am missing some others. If you know any other movie, please post below. Thanks!

Wallace and Gromit

Wallace and GromitWallace and Gromit is another exccelent animation from Dreamworks.

Based on the same technology used from Chicken Run, this is a very funny animation with Wallace, a cheese fanatic, and his smart dog.

Although the story is very predictable at times, it is a great movie.

The characters are well designed, voices very well chosen. And the subtle jokes are everywhere. Just watch with attention.

Good Movie!

Pirates of the Caribbean 2

PiratesLast night was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest time. I had good company, it was a nice day, there were popcorns… but I didn’t like to movie. Ok, I didn’t hate it. I just think it is not worth the 7.5 points on IMDB. It is fun, it is true, but it is SLOW (very slow, I should say). Also, if you do not know the characters from the previous movie you lose a lot (well, I didn’t see the first one, but I hope it helps with this one).

So, if you saw the first one, and you liked it, probably you like this one as most people do. If you didn’t see the first one, I would probably go see another movie…


HoodwinkedHoodwinked is the true story about Red, the girl visitiing her grandma, and finding a wolf in the bed, instead of her beloved grandmother. It is a nice movie. Not just the characters are quite well chosen, but the story is told in a very interesting way. See it if you can.

Just to make you smile a little, here is a quote from the movie:
The Wolf: [receiving a lit stick of dynamite]
What kind of candles are those?
Twitchy: [pointing at writing on dynamite]
Dee-na-mee-tay. Must be Italian.

Tokyo Drift

Tokyo DriftAnother movie I saw without seeing the first two of the serie. I think I didn’t lost much of the movie by that, maybe just some joke at the end of the movie. It is a thriller and action movie, with lot of cars, speed and girls. This all together makes it a nice movie to watch.

Looking inside to the movie, I would criticize specially the choice of the main actor. Sean Boswell, the main character, should be not more than 18 years old, and Lucas Black, the actor, is 24 (and, in fact, I would say he would be older).
The story is the usual, do not expect much of it, but I think you will not be expecting much when going to see this kind of movie.