Transformers, The Movie

TransformersYesterday night it was Harry Potter night. Yes, the cinema had two rooms with Harry Potter. It was the first day the movie was in that city. But we didn’t went to see Harry Potter. We gone to see Transformers, the movie. I am a fan from the first Transformers Series. Unfortunately it became worst from time to time, so I was expecting a really bad movie. Fortunately, the movie is not that bad. Ok, it is not coherent with the first series. Although Optimus Prime is still a truck (without the trailer, unfortunately), Megatron is not the usual gun, instead a kind of plane. Also, Bumblebee is not a Beattle, unfortunately. But the movie is quite interesting, with some funny jokes about Google and Ebay, and some nice boobie..erm, girls.

The Fast and The Furious

The Fast and The FuriousFor a long time I wanted to watch this movie. since I saw Tokyo Drift. Finally got an opoortunity to loan it. While I liked a little more Tokyo Drift (drifting is much cooler than getting fast on move), this is a good movie. Vin Diesel is perfect for the role he is doing, and the two girls (Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster) make the movie yet more enjoyable. In the other hand, Paul Walker does not fit very well on his role. But, hey, we can’t ask much from a cop, can we?

More about the movie… cars, motorcycles, speed and girls. Most of the factors that can influence positively a man. And no, not just that two girls. A lot of girls in bikini. Really enjoyable…

Ocean’s Thirteen

Ocean's ThirsteenAbout a week ago (and some more days) I went to see Ocean’t Thirteen. My usual company for cinema nights want to see it and I went with her. You know, any movie is a good movie to go out with a girl.

But back to the movie. I didn’t see any of the previous two movies, although I wanted to see them. But, hey, this is not a trilogy, so the story should be understandable without seeing the other movies. Well, the story was, but some details would be lost if my friend didn’t explain me who some people were.

The movie style is different from the usual thriller or crime movies. But it is quite easy to follow. Unfortunately subtitles were white, and the movie is too bright. That resulted in a lot of subtitles not read. Fortunately I understand a little of spoken English.

The story is interesting, is funny, includes action and girls and very nice boobs. So, I can’t ask much more…

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Fantastic FourYesterday went to see Fantastic Four, the second. To start with, let me tell you I was not expecting much from the movie. The first was nothing too good, and reviews said this one was worst. And they were correct.

Any way, the movie is enjoyable. It is not too big, about 90 minutes, and that is good. Some smart directors try to make big movies, and then we almost sleep waiting for something to happen. This one can catch you the attention enough, with some jokes, some girls and some action. Regarding girls, I wonder why Sue Storm falls in the ground naked facing down. If they made it the other way around, people would like much more the movie…

Now, for some of the quotes I most like are not in IMDB quotes pages, so, here goes one of them:

Johnny Storm when following the Silver Surfer: Exhibitionist!

Spider-Man 3

Spider ManYesterday it was time for Spider-Man 3. A friend said it had good special effects and, really, regarding that, the movie is nice. The problem is the rest. If in previous movies I said Tobey Maguire was a bad Spider-Man, in this, I can say he is gay. True! More… normally (if you are used to read my blog) I like to comment girls in the movie. This one has just two, Kirsten Dunst, that this time was worst than ever in any movie I saw her, and Bryce Dallas Howard, this one a little more interesting. The movie story is nothing brilliant, and it has too many dead segments. Sometimes I wondered if I was in an action movie or some drama! I must say   I wouldn’t vote more than 5/10.


M:I-2Today I watched Mission Impossible 2. I loved the TV series, and I heard a lot of bad about this movie…

And they were right!

The movie is watchable, of course. But Tom Cruise is not the actor for this kind of movie. Also, it is too much Hollywood-based. Same story, big cars, big bikes, lots of explosions, acrobatic fight… well, at least the “Impossible” part is there. Oh, and talking about big cars, why in hell they have an Audi TT and a Porsche to crash and I have to drive a Ford Fiesta?


shooterYesterday I went to see the “Shooter”, the movie. While the plot is quite usual, the movie is quite interesting. There is a well plotted frame, a lot of actions, shots, blood, more shots, more blood, more action, and a wonderful girl.

While an action movie, there are some romantic minutes (too much cruel to watch when you do not have a girlfriend). Also, it is quite easy to smile during the movie. The quote I like most from this movie is: Bob Lee Swagger: You don’t understand how serious this is. They killed my dog. .

Over the Hedge


I think this shot tells much about the movie. It is an animation movie, by DreamWorks, with high quality renderization, nice characters, nice voices, a simple story, a lot of imagination and with some lessons to teach. If you like animation movies, you will love this one.

Epic Movie

Epic MovieEpic Movie is one more of those movies from some of the producers of the well known Scary Movie serie. So, basically, a movie, with small or no story, to laugh about, and with small portions of well known movies. I’ll not talk about the movie, just try to enumerate the movies I could recognize during Epic Movie (there is a full list on IMDB, but this is the list I noticed and I remember now): The Chronicles of Narnia, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tokyo Drift, Super Man Returns, Snakes on a Plane, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, The DaVinci Code, Harry Potter, The Love Boat, Mission Impossible, X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean, 007 – Casino Royale, Nacho Libre, Borat, and I think I can’t remember more. Have fun watching it!!

Almost Famous

Almost FamousNot, not me. I am not almost famous. Almost Famous (2000) is a movie about a Rock’n’Roll band, and a kid (15 years old) who wants to be a journalist (for Rock magazines). The movie does not have so much girls like the previous one… just a few. The nice thing about the movie is its richness in terms of feelings: from mother love, son love, just love, supposed love, song love… and true love. The movie is quite big (about two hours), but not too much. You really do not have much slow parts. In IMDB it has a ranking of 7.9/10 and it is not exaggerated. I would vote 8/10 as well.

More, let me say that I really enjoy the way movie credits were presented (in the beginning of the movie).