Bolt (2008)

Bolt (2008)
Bolt (2008)

Back to animation movie. Bolt is from Disney, this time without the help of Pixar. But I did not miss Pixar in this work. The movie is great. Animation is cool. Characters are cute. And the story, unlike the last Up from Pixar, is both comic and dramatic, and I got a great time watching it.

Although the story is nothing really new there are a couple of details that make the movie interesting. For example (spoilers alert) the fact of the dog (Bolt) do not have any idea about a standard dog behavior, but Mittens, a cat, is able to teach him. And more, as far as he learns, he loves to be a dog. If you like animation movies, I recommend.

Up (2009)


Up (2009)
Up (2009)

I like animation movies, not just because of the story itself, but because they are usually comic and also because I like to see the advances on computer animation. And Pixar movies always astonish me because of the animation and graphics quality. This is not an exception. This movie is great.

Unfortunately I am not that happy with the story. Not because it is not plausible. I am used to that in animation stories (and not only animation…). But because I lack humor. There are a few that I can recall, but most of the movie is a drama, or just old jokes. And that is a shame. I am a really admirer of some animation movies that have different levels of humor, from kids to adults. In this I could not find adult jokes… but probably I was distracted….

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

The Shawshank Redemption
The Shawshank Redemption

I finally got the time and took the initiative to see this movie. It is in the top of IMDB, so I really needed to watch it. Well, the truth is that I do not like some of the movies in the top IMDB, and the truth is that this is not one of my favorite movies. I agree it is good, the story is great, the acting awesome. But it is not the type of movie I crave. It is a drama. And it is difficult to me to rate high a drama. Sorry.

In any case, the movie is worth its more than two hours of length. And note! There aren’t girls! And I watched it till the end. That says a lot about it 🙂

Big Fish (2003)

Big Fish
Big Fish

Probably it is enough to say that this is a Tim Burton movie to explain why it is in the top 250 movies on IMDB. I am not properly a fan of dramas. It makes us think too much. While that is good from time to time, it also makes me depressed. And this movie makes us think yet more when you have old parents.

But hey, let’s continue on the movie. I mentioned Tim Burton already, right? So, expect fantasy. Lots of fantasy. Also, expect comic scenes. Watch the movie with your heart and mind opened.

Finally, although this movie is from 2003, it is nice to notice that Alison Lohman continues to be beautiful. And she is one year younger that me. Oh, let’s get back to reality… damn

Gran Torino – 2008

Gran TorinoGran Torino is not, finally, a common Hollywood movie. And great I did not know it before watching it. This way it was easier to watch and enjoy it. I will not talk more about it or it will be a big spoiler.

Clint Eastwood is great on this movie. Of course, great as director, but specially great as main actor. I really like his interpretation. And I love his grunts. Yeah, it is true.

The movie misses some nice young girls in bikini. Probably it misses some more action. But that will lead to a common Hollywood movie, good to watch and have fun during the weekend.

This one is different. You have fun, as there are some brilliant jokes and funny scenarios. But the main characteristic of the movie is to be a drama, and that is all that matters. If your mood changes easily with a sad story, be careful when to watch this movie. Probably I should took that care and watch in a sunny day. Now I can… kind of sad.

In any way, this is a movie I can understand to be in the top #250 of IMDB. And with my vote (10 on 10) it should get upper.

The Illusionist

The IllusionistThe Illusionist is a nice movie. The soundtrack is wonderful, the image is wonderful, the story well told, and nice actors. Regarding actors, and not commenting on Jessica Biel (I think you can guess), Edward Norton and Paul Giamatti did very impressive interpretations.

I just did not like one thing: to hide from us the full story until the end. You know, they show us just what they want we to see. Thus, at the end, you think you know everything that happened, and “unfortunately”, you don’t.

In any case, a good film. 8 in 10!

Histoire d’O

Historie d'OToday afternoon I watched this movie. After talking with a friend about it, he said: do not tell anyone you watched that movie. Oh well. What is the problem of saying I was watching a drama erotic movie, originally French,  now dubbed? The truth is that I did not understand the message. In fact, I read some comments on IMDB about the movie, some of them trying to explain the idea of the movie, but I didn’t get it. I just watched it until the end because Corinne Clery is very beautiful. The story sucks. It is not as erotic as it could be without some violence, some less orgies, some more good sense. Now, the good point: after watching it I can skip it next time I am searching for a movie.


MunichYesterday night I went to see Munich. First, I wasn’t prepared for a 2:40 hour movie, but then, it was pretty good, and the time flied. Second, for a movie by Steven Spielberg it contains no dinossaurs. And yes, that is good.

The scenarios are pretty good, old fashion, old cars (a lot of them, it should have been difficult to find so many), recorded in old style, with a good and mostly veridic story. It includes a lot of blood (this can be considered bad, but my feeling is that Spielberg wanted to show the barbarity of the acts — both sides) and some nudity (girls, be happy because this time you have a man nude as well).

Lord of War

Lord of WarLast night went on to see Lord of War, a recent movie with Nicholas Cage. Although it is an Drama movie, it can be seen as well as a documentary. It introduces some ideas about weapons traffic, which justifies a lot of the cruelty of this world. It has a few girls, but not enough to make me recall them again. It ends with a few sentences that shows why wars continue to exist (no more detail, go see the movie).

Resuming, the movie has an interesting story, the story is told in a nice way, and Nicholas Cage is a good actor. Also, as somebody commented in IMDB, “A Surprising Morality Tale” is a good description for this movie.

And I really need to get my English better….