Linux gives too many choices…

Every time I touch a Linux not installed by myself I got to the same feeling. Linux gives too much choices when installing a new operating system and the default options are good just if the only user of the machine is the administrator. If the guy installing the Linux does not have knowledge on what he is doing the result is a mess.

For instance, if you install a fresh Ubuntu you will get no man pages installed.

At the present moment I am in a Fedora 11 installed by a University administrator. If I type ‘cpan’ I get perl complaining about CPAN module not being installed. Then, what is the use of Perl in this situation?

These complains are from a geek, programmer, etc. I know that most desktop users will not have these needs. But I do not think it is a good idea to focus primarily desktop users. Probably the default option should be a sane environment for both worlds.

Moblin 2.1, last impressions

Moblin logoLast time I used Moblin 2.1 it suggested me to update the operating system. About 200MB of downloads. After about half an hour of downloads and updates (the SSD is quite slow) I turned the machine down. Today I turned the machine on and… the operating system crashed with a message that a component failed, and asking if I wanted to submit a bug report. Said yes. Computer freeze. Tried a reboot. Component failed. Said to dismiss the bug report. Computer freeze.

Testing twitter plugin

WordPress includes a plugin to advertise blog posts. This post is just a test for it. Hope I do not need to post more testing messages.

New Design and New Backend

Dear readers,

In the last times I have been moving some posts from the old engine (Movable Type) to the new one (WordPress). I took the chance got clean up the number of posts. I think I deleted most of them, maintaining just movie reviews. This way I know the movies I watched already.

Regarding the blog engine, and while I am a Perl addict, I must admit that WordPress is easier to use and configure. I am not sure if it will give more trouble and Movable Type, but I’ll try. People say that WordPress has the problem of being PHP and the problem of spaghetti or not-organized code. I never looked to the source and I do not intend to. Thus, that is not properly relevant to me at the moment.

Also, existing a service hosted by WordPress developers for creating blogs freely makes me more confident on the software than Movable Type, where just a few companies or foundations use it.

If you wish, post comments on this subject. Just be warned that I will not comment on them. I intend to maintain this back-end for some time.

Finally, this blog has an alias URL at if you prefer.

Knight Rider, 2008, Season 1, Episode 1

KnightRider08The first episode of the new Knight Rider was not as interesting as the pilot movie. While we can make some futurology we need to take care of the things we would like to see. For instance, seeing KITT reading a book that way is too high tech.

In the other hand, and being it weird enough, special effects of the older series were quite better. When KITT jumps over other cars right in the beginning it is too easy to notice that that are all special effects going on.

Then, there are some stupidities. I can understand to have a morphing car, and that is awesome. But if the car is already morphed, how does Michael gets on the truck that easy?

Science Fiction is nice. Scenes incoherence is stupidity!