Zuma’s Revenge

Zuma's Revenge
Zuma's Revenge

In an old post I wrote about Zuma. I bought it for the ClickWheel iPod. It is a nice game, playable and enjoyable. Unfortunately it is too small (or I am too good). After 17 runs (yeah, iPod counts the number of times you run an application) I reached The End of the game. I am sure it weren’t just 17 plays, but never more than 25.

Today I was looking into the iTunes store and found that there are no interesting games for ClickWheel iPod. Then, visited PopCap website searching for more games from the same company. I found that there is a followup on Zuma, not for the iPod but for the PC/Mac. Downloaded the trial version, that gives you the ability to play for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes I reached the middle of the game (about 26 levels) and had 8 lives (you start with three lives).

Now, I do not think this game will worth the $20 that it costs for more two or three hours of play… but if run smoothly in the iPod… that would might be different…

American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love

Sunday afternoon, needing to relax, without will to work, without the will to do anything, without the patience for a real movie, probably the time to some teenage sex-related comedy. No need for big brain work, no need to take too much attention to the story. Just relax, smile, laugh, watch some girls, and have fun.

This was what I thought when choosing the movie and I must say it fulfilled the mission. The story isn’t great nor new. But there are some nice laughs.

I just have a complain: it seems that the Book of Love doesn’t work with me 😛