Young Sheldon (S01)

Young Sheldon
Young Sheldon

I wasn’t planning to follow this Series, although I follow The Big Bang Theory. The main problem is when you do some zapping and watch a little of something. While some are good but you are not tempted to follow it, some other are more likely to convince you.

Well, with Sheldon, the pair of episodes I watched convinced me. These weren’t the first of the series, but almost. Then, I did go back and watch the missing ones. And right the beginning of the first episode would win me. Sheldon playing with the train and shooting a ball to prove that a body in movement keeps the movement was good enough.

In the last episodes from this season, I feel like more emphasis is being given to the family than to Sheldon himself. Nevertheless, the… oops… spoilers… the guy that is dating Sheldon’s grandmother remember me somebody, and I enjoy him.

And regarding this series I would likely say that the two best actors are the younger. Sheldon and his system Missy are great. I really love that girl…

Los Misterios de Laura (S01)

Los Misterios de Laura
Los Misterios de Laura

This is the first time I know of some movie or series that is original from Spain. Usually they dub movies into Spanish, but this time, the series is originally from Spain, and bought by an USA company for an adaptation. Interesting.

Anyway, about the series. It is fun, the acting is good, and the crimes interesting. There are a few of the episodes where the story is too intricate that is not credible. But fun enough.

There are also those episodes where you see what is happening, and you just want to slap the inspector and say “don’t you see? that is so easy to understand what happened there“. Or that, or I am watching too much crime series.

Anyway, it is good. Watched most of the second season already, and some from the third season. I just expect that Fox Crime repeats the second season, so I can catch the missing episodes.


Maigret in Montmartre

Rowan Atkinson as Inspector Maigret
Rowan Atkinson as Inspector Maigret

This is the fourth episode, in case you consider this a series, or the third sequel (well, terminology), and the one I liked the least. I am not sure if because I knew the story (I’ve read the book) or if my predisposition was just different this time.

The cast is great, the acting good, the atmosphere authentic. But I do not think that the story was well told. Although I’ve read the book, I did not recall completely the history, and I confess that, at the end, I did not really understand the history. I had to think about it, trying to remember the book, to be able to glue parts. This is the first time I needed such a thing (and in fact, the first time I could do it). Again, reasons can vary…

In any case, if this year we have any other episode, I would watch it happily.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 2)

Finally finished the second season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. While during the first episodes of this season I got quite unmotivated to watch it, when I got back and watched two new episodes, the story got better, and my interest got back. Just finished the second season in a couple of days, and now preparing to watch the third. Regarding story, nothing brilliant, but good enough to capture your attention, and enough suspense to make you want to see the next episode soon. Another thing I like is that each episode has its ups and downs, allowing us to have some fun, and not just distress for the drama part.

Maigret – Night at the Crossroad (S02E01)

Maigret – Night at the Crossroads

Third third episode of Maigret’s series, with Atkinson, is great. Not just the plot, from Simenon’s original story, but for the way the scenes are recorded. I know this is being typical for every episodes, as the series goes on, but I just think this one is the best. Great scenarios. Great imaging details.

As for Bean.. .erm.. Atkinson, getting more used to see him as a serious character. Serene. Assertive. Like.

Logan (2017)


It is quite weird when you want to watch a super hero movie, with action and some fun, and you get a drama. You still have the superheroes, but old and decrepit. And when you lost your mother a couple days ago, it gets even sad. Specially as (spoilers…) both old and decrepit heroes end dead.

While the drama is the main flow of the movie, you have a couple of fun moments and a couple of action. But in my opinion it lacks diversity. After a couple moves it gets repetitive. I think that the director could take a little more of the new mutants diversity (you will understand when you see the movie) for a funnier battle.


Mortadelo y Filemón contra Jimmy el Cachondo (2016)

Mortadelo y Filemón contra Jimmy el Cachondo
Mortadelo y Filemón contra Jimmy el Cachondo

This is a Spanish movie, with two comic book characters, Mortadelo e Filemón. As a kid, I read a pair of books. Not the greatest comics of the world, but acceptable to have a good time. After those times I never heard again about them. In a presentation on Animation I attended, an invited speaker from Ilion Animation Studios, that worked in the animation of this movie, shown some small videos, and I got tempted to see it.

The animation is great, but the story is cheesy (as I remember from the comic books), and there are some dead parts, that took forever to end (as an excuse, I was watching the movie in Spanish, without subtitles, and I don’t really know Spanish.

Modern Family (Season 9)

Ariel Winter @ Modern Family
Ariel Winter @ Modern Family

One more season of Modern Family is over. Some good episodes, some pretty bad. Example of the bad is the season finale. If that is what they have to make the audience wait for the next season, the series is condemned. If I will continue watching it, probably yes. Why? Because I know it is not restricted to the season finale, and there are some good episodes. Also, because I am stunned how much Ariel Winter has grown in the last years, and how cute geek her character is. Just sad her role in the season is rarely central.

The Big Bang Theory (Season 11)

Amy @ TBBT
Amy @ TBBT

Eleven seasons. A lot of episodes. And finally Sheldon gets married. Well, will not talk much about the story. Things continue much like in the previous ten seasons. But the story evolves, and jokes keep mainly at the same level. Not bad for so many years of life. Anyway, usually I would add a screenshot with Kaley Cuoco, for this time I preferred to put this scene, as it reminds of me. When I have something in mind I almost forget everything else to try my approach/task/solution.

Sim, Chef! (Season 2)

Benedita Pereira e Marco Horácio
Benedita Pereira and Marco Horácio

Well, this is probably the only Series made in Portugal I really follow. Well, the argument, at least for the first season, was adapted from another show. But I think the second season is mostly original from Portugal. It is a comedy show, of about 30 minutes per episode, of a team of cookers and restaurant staff, and their lives. It is fun, it shows food, have some nice girls, so, why not?

One the main things I noticed in the second season is that the first half episodes were recorded without two of the main actors. Although one came back, the other was completely replaced and, if at first, felt weird, the story was good enough to back the substitution. Talking about that, the substitute is Marco Horácio, someone I knew only from singing a comic version of the Portuguese Fado. His acting is not bad. Really.

Will continue following it, if a new season comes back. And specially if Benedita Pereira continues in the show. She resembles a friend…