Castle (Season 8)

Alexis and Richard Castle @ Castle, Season 8
Alexis and Richard Castle @ Castle, Season 8

And the Castle series just ended. I will miss it. Quite fun, with interesting stories. Some of them with some holes, but most of them were good. The main characters were fun, and well constructed. And, of course, I will miss those Alexis eyes.

Regarding this season, I must say the episodes were quite good, and the last episodes shown that good stories could still be made, keeping the “umbrella story” in a halt. The last episode was a great season finale. But no, not a good Series finale. They say that they did not have much time. But it was bad. Quite bad. Of course we can imagine a course, but that is not our job, but the directors job. Finally, even the “umbrella story” got missing details. OK, the “LokSat” was found, but his story was not told. What were his motives? All that conspiracy should have a good reason. Shame…

Modern Family (Season 7)

Modern Family (season 7)
Modern Family (season 7)

Although I finished this season some weeks ago, I did not notice there were no more episodes. The fact of every episode having a different story, with minimal umbrella story (the one that glues episodes together), and the lack of a season finale are the reasons for missing it.

In any case, Modern Family continues as good as it was. I still think that Alex Dumphy deserves an episode meeting Sheldon at Caltech (even being two different producers, why not?) and I think Manny, like above, is deserving a chance with a girl. Not necessarily a hot blonde, but I feel for him. Probably because I think I deserve this chance too…

The Intern (2015)

Anne Hathaway @ The Intern
Anne Hathaway @ The Intern

Not much to say about the movie. A romantic comedy, and no, the romance was not between Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. It is a fund movie to watch. a few slow scenes, but mostly enjoyable to watch.

Also was interesting to see Adam DeVine out of Modern Family, and Andrew Rannells out of Girls. And those who know me, know that the fact of having Anne Hathaway around made me stick. Yes, she is very cute.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Chloe Bennet as Skye
Chloe Bennet as Skye

This is that kind of series that go in a crescendo. At the beginning it was kind of slow, with an episode-based story, mostly on S.H.I.E.L.D. (God, that is tiresome to write) agents working. Then a bigger story is formed, curiously, joining some of the different stories that were told before. At the end, a big crescendo and a great season finale.

The, you have action, your have scifi (a lot), you have girls for every taste, and a lot of humor. And if that is not enough, you have Skye, a sexy… erm… E.T.

Penguins of Madagascar (2014)


How Documentaries Are Done

Much better than the latest Madagascar movie. Of course it is full of non-sense. But it doesn’t try to be a Drama or a Romance. It is just non-sense with full of good laughs. The penguins are great. Great. And the jokes appear one after the other, at a velocity it is very difficult to grasp all of them.

One of the best quotes: “Nicholas! Cage them!” Lovely. 8 in 10 @ IMDB.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Bellagio Casino
Bellagio Casino

Seen Ocean’s Thirteen a lot of time ago. And a lot of time to see this one, and the Twelve too. And I am sorry I took to much. The movie is just great. The same kind of way to tell the story as the Thirteen, but anyway, entertaining, fun, with action. Great cast, although I am not a fan of Brad Pitt. Anyway, great. 8 in 10 @ IMDB.

Teen Spirit (2011)

Lindsey Shaw as Lisa Summers
Lindsey Shaw as Lisa Summers

Not much to say about the story, as it is an old, old story, you watched over and over again in different movies. Also, not much to say on the plot quality (as in, is the story at least coherent?). So, what made me watch it till the end?

First, is has some good jokes. Yeah, not that many. But a few that are enough to entertain you. Second, because of the girls, and mostly important, Lindsey Shaw that is very, very cute, and Katie Sarife, also cute. Cassie Scerbo is not ugly or anything, but appears as the standard barbie-style, that is now mostly annoying.

And although it might seems weird, voting 6/10, more than Madagascar 3 madness.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (2012)

Madagascar's Penguins
Madagascar’s Penguins

Every time a new Ice Age comes out, here comes Madagascar as well. Instead of a rodent, for some cool jokes, Madagascar has four penguins. Instead of a bobcat, they have a lion. Instead of a mammoth, a hippopotamus. Instead of a sloth, a zebra. Just the giraffe hasn’t a counterpart in Ice Age. While Ice Age tries to keep things mostly real (or plausible), Madagascar’s focus is on non-sense. If you ask which make you laugh the most, I would say, none. You can give a laugh from time to time, mostly because of the penguins than anything else, but its all. And that musical sequence is just disturbing.


Ted (2012)


The guy (Ted) is cute and fluffy. Mila Kunis is hot. Laura Vandervoort appears a few times, and she is also hot. Other than that, the movie is… bah… watchable. Some nice jokes, but some other are just forced, making no sense whatsoever. Ah, and Patrick Stewart is A BOSS as narrator.