Getting back to Linux: Part #1

Debian_Logo_02After the last Apple keynote, the news on Mac Book Pro, and the exorbitant price, I took part of this Sunday to look back to Linux as a Desktop. Although I work usually on a 2011 Mac, that runs perfectly (just some bumps), I have a Lenovo laptop. So, I decided to install the Linux distribution I have been using lately for my servers: debian.

First I downloaded the netinstall image. It complained of missing drivers for wi-fi and ethernet. Then, I downloaded the non-free netinstall image. Same behavior.

Well, decided to keep it, and use a USB stick to install the missing packages. After going from/to my mac to download missing packages and dependencies, I got something. The card is detected, the correct (at least it seems) module is loaded, ifconfig shows the device, but ifup fails to bring it up.

After googling and fighting with wpa (first I was thinking this was the problem), I found out that Linux was just deciding that it couldn’t load the interface, and mentioned something about rfkill, that I am not sure what it is.

Googled a little more and found articles saying that my Lenovo has some other wireless card than the one listed by lspci. Strange.

In any case, the day is almost over, and I need to get back to my job. My conclusion so far is a quote from an old teacher, now a friend: Linux is still a Cowboys operating system.

Not sure about all Linux distributions, but debian for sure.


How its Made Dream Cars – Season 4

More of the same.

How Its Made Dream Cars – Season 3

Zenvo ST1

Zenvo ST1

Long time since my last post. Not having much time for anything useful, other than job. In any case, I managed to watch the third season of this show. It is something we can watch quickly, as the episodes are small, and we do not need to pay too much attention. It is just something I like to see how things get automated, and when they don’t, how they are organized in order to allow better results. And that connected with nice cars makes me like this show. So, will continue to see up to the end of the series.

Pixels (2015)



The thing I stated yesterday in my previous post is undoubtedly true. It is enough to read some comments about Pixels, and being a 80’s geek. The movie might not be great. But the retro approach, the old games, the pixelated stuff, is enough for liking the movie. Even if there are some stupid jokes, and some bad decisions. If you love PacMan, if you played Centipede, if you broke some tiles with Arkanoid, if you crossed streets with Frog, you will likely like this movie.

Ultimo Tango a Parigi (1972)

Maria Schneider as Jeanne

Maria Schneider as Jeanne

Watching a movie catalogued as a great one is always a big problem. Either you share the ideas of the people who liked the movie, or you will hate it. And just like people loved “Lost in Translation” and I hated it, I did not like as well this one. I see it very alike to “Lost in Translation”, where a cute girl explains why I watched until the end. With the bonus of having Maria Schneider nude. But still, couldn’t give more than 2 in 10 at IMDB.

Noah (2014)

Noah 2014

Noah 2014

No idea why so much talking about Noah. I am sure it was not because of Emma Watson, not so good acting. Also, the computer graphics are quite messy. I know the director and writer built from the Bible story, and added their own ideas to the plot. But the story would allow for so much more… and if in the Bible some issues are not explained, and do not make sense, is this movie a lot of other were added. Why the watchers? Were them really needed? Sorry, did not like. 3 in 10 for me.

Castle (Season 8)

Alexis and Richard Castle @ Castle, Season 8

Alexis and Richard Castle @ Castle, Season 8

And the Castle series just ended. I will miss it. Quite fun, with interesting stories. Some of them with some holes, but most of them were good. The main characters were fun, and well constructed. And, of course, I will miss those Alexis eyes.

Regarding this season, I must say the episodes were quite good, and the last episodes shown that good stories could still be made, keeping the “umbrella story” in a halt. The last episode was a great season finale. But no, not a good Series finale. They say that they did not have much time. But it was bad. Quite bad. Of course we can imagine a course, but that is not our job, but the directors job. Finally, even the “umbrella story” got missing details. OK, the “LokSat” was found, but his story was not told. What were his motives? All that conspiracy should have a good reason. Shame…

Digital Object Identifier

If you are an academic, you know what DOI are, and you know that a lot of websites are now requiring your publications to have one, so you can refer to them (for example, Publons). DOI are managed by IDF, the International DOI Foundation,  a not-for-profit organization.

In the other hand, I am a co-editor for Linguamática, a free and open access journal. It exists for eight years, and never got any funding. Editors and reviewers are not paid. Publication if free and contents access too.

For some time that I want to add DOI to Linguamática. But all DOI registration agencies that I consulted have only paid membership, and fees for each DOI creation. This is not possible for Linguamática, unless we require fees to the authors or to the readers. And for us is better to keep without a DOI, than to change our policies.

Yesterday I tried to contact IDF directly, asking if there was any way to get a DOI:

Dear Sirs,

I am one of the editors of Linguamática ( This journal is in its eighth year of existence, without any fee for authors or readers. We do everything for the evolution of the natural language processing area for free.

As you know, a lot of services require DOI identifiers. Unfortunately we do now have any means to pay for the DOI services from one of the registration agencies. Does DOI/IDF has any service for this kind of initiative?

Thank you

Unfortunately this was the answer I got:


Unfortunately, no. In order to acquire a DOI you must work with an existing RA, and it is up the each RA to establish a business plan and set pricing. Crossref offers low pricing for your type of journal, but I doubt they assign DOIs at no cost at all.

And as you might guess, RA (registration agencies) are not not-for-profit organizations. As an example, Crossref has an annual fee of 275 dollars, with an extra dollar for each deposited article (Linguamática publishes from 10 to 20 articles, top, each year). So, we would require around 300 dollars each year to have a DOI. Unfortunately that is not possible.

I wonder if other open access journals have similar problems, and how they solved the problem. Or if someone else thinks that an Open-DOI is needed, supported by volunteers and minimum monetary contributions for server and domain expenses…

Modern Family (Season 7)

Modern Family (season 7)

Modern Family (season 7)

Although I finished this season some weeks ago, I did not notice there were no more episodes. The fact of every episode having a different story, with minimal umbrella story (the one that glues episodes together), and the lack of a season finale are the reasons for missing it.

In any case, Modern Family continues as good as it was. I still think that Alex Dumphy deserves an episode meeting Sheldon at Caltech (even being two different producers, why not?) and I think Manny, like above, is deserving a chance with a girl. Not necessarily a hot blonde, but I feel for him. Probably because I think I deserve this chance too…

Fishing Naked (2015)

Fishing Naked

Fishing Naked

Just another crappy movie. Fishing Naked has nothing, or almost nothing to do with fishing or naked. It is about Big Foot and this strange creature you can see above. The story is not interesting, the pace of the movie is too slow, and without any real interest. No idea why I downloaded it in the first place. Took about a month to complete it. Crap.

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