Castle, Season 2

Castle, Season 2
Castle, Season 2

I was almost on time. I should have finished to watch the second season of Castle before yesterday. It would be a tribute to the new season. But it wasn’t possible.

Now, what can I say about this second season? Sorry for some spoilers (almost none important): that new police guy that appears in the last episodes does his job too well… I get angry and I got enough of him already. So, I hope he gets forgotten soon. Also, the relationship between Castle and Beckett is more and more tense. That is not good for the overall comedy.

Regarding murders, I am sorry that now episodes doesn’t start with some dead guy. It was like a mark: watching the episode looking to a dead guy. The stories, are just OK. Nothing brilliant, but good enough to keep you watching them.

Castle – Season 1


I though you might be interested to know that I finished watching Castle, season 1. OK, probably you are not interested just on that simple information, but to know something more. Probably you would like to know what I think about it. To tell you that I am preparing to start watching season 2 would would be, probably, enough to make you understand I liked it.

Now, how can I describe Castle? Murders, detectives, Castle and comedy. I will not tell anything from the story, but the series is well constructed. Instead of telling us the full story of the characters in the first episode (that happens in the latest Knight Rider – 2008), in Castle they are built through episodes. You will learn more and more about the main characters, one step at a time. And that information will be somehow connected to the story, they will not just fall from the sky.

I recommend.

Castle (2009) – S01E01

Castle Cast for Season 1
Castle Cast for Season 1

Just watched the first episode from Castle. It is always difficult to comment on a series just from the first episode. And this is especially true if you have a first episode that is, unlike of the following (I think), the contextualization of future episodes. I think that is what happened on this.

For now, I can say the episode was interesting and funny enough to make me watch the next one. So, more later…

Knight Rider (2008) – Knight of the Hunter

Knight Rider - Knight of the Hunter
Knight Rider - Knight of the Hunter

One more episode from Knight Rider 2008 series. I must say that I am not happy with the cast. Namely, Deanna Russo is not properly attractive (to me). She has blue eyes, she has a nice body, but I do not like her (sorry). Normally, episodes are interesting because we see Smith Cho and she it totally cute. In this episode you can see her in gymnastic outfit, balancing her butt. Sexy. Also, in this episode you can have a look into Kristen Bush. And I think she it hotter than Deanna Russo. But, as we usually say in Portugal, tastes aren’t a discussion subject.

About the story, nothing really new. But watchable for some good time.

More, what’s that Knight Research laptop with a Windows logo? That explains why Kitt needs to reboot so often.

Sherlock – The Great Game (2010)

Sherlock - The great game
Sherlock - The great game

Third episode from Sherlock remake. As far as I could tell, more than one book story used in this episode. Is this planned? Will the series finish right ahead, and will we hear that there weren’t enough plots for more episodes? Let’s wait and see what is going on.

About this episode, better than the second. Probably better than the first. At least fewer dead moments, and some more action.

And, I got happy to see a comment on IMDB saying that the plot is difficult to follow. Great it is not just me.

Sherlock, S1E2 (2010)

Sherlock - S1E2 - The Blind Banker
Sherlock - S1E2 - The Blind Banker

After the first episode I decided to give a try to this mini-series. Unfortunately I did not like much of the second episode story. Nothing really new to be told there. A simple cipher, using words from a book (in this case a dictionary). A lot of details on the story go without a valid explanation (at least, for me). I understand
that I was watching the episode without subtitles, and that I have some problems understanding some of the actors completely (namely Sherlock, that speaks too fast). But I do not think that was the real problem.

In any case, I will give the third episode a try, as well. Oh, before concluding… if Sherlock is so smart, why he uses Internet Exploder?

Sherlock (2009) – s1e1

Sherlock: A Study In Pink
Sherlock: A Study In Pink -- This image may only be used for publicity purposes in connection with the broadcast of the programme as licensed by BBC Worldwide Ltd & must carry the shown copyright legend. It may not be used for any commercial purpose without a licence from the rights holder. © Hartswood Films Ltd 2009

A new TV series based on the well known character Sherlock Holmes and the respective books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I am not yet sure if I like or not this new Sherlock incarnation. It takes some time to digest. Sherlock is too young, we are talking about modern London, with cars, cell phones, computers and all that.

If you read the books, you will notice that the story is not exactly as it is shown here. There are some new deductions, there are new characters, there are some changes in the story (big changes, I would say). I can’t recall exactly the original Study in Pink, so I do not know if the changes are because of the new era where the action occurs, or if directors just wanted to change the story.

Final complain: Sherlock talks too fast, subtitles goes fast as well. Hard to keep up for non native speakers…

“V” (2009)

V - 2009The first episode was broadcast today in the Portuguese public television channel (RTP). Knowing “V” to be a recent series,  I watched it. Wasn’t expecting much and that was, probably, good. At the moment the plot is nothing extraordinary. But, being it the first episode, I can understand it to be more like a teaser than a standard episode.

Next Sunday I will try to watch the second episode. Who knows if it gets more interesting. If not, XBox will be turned ON, and GTAIV or Forza Motorsport played. (BTW, a GTA IV post soon on a blog near you).