V (2009) – Season 01

V (2009)

V (2009)

There isn’t much fuss about this series. It is kind of a remake of another previous series. I did not watch it, therefore I can’t comment on whether this is better or worst. I saw the first four episodes in the public Portuguese television and that got me curiosity to know how it will end. Yes, how it will end, because this is not a standard series like Castle, Knight Rider, or even Nikita, that have episodes more or less self-contained. In this case, the story grows from episode to episode and… unfortunately, it doesn’t finish with the first season. And this is my main complain on the series.

The story and actors are OK. The FX effects are not bad, although there are some details on how ships fly that annoy me. In the overall I am happy with it, and will wait for the next series.

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