Wish Lists

I wonder if web site wish lists work. That is, we define a wish list, but is this list private or public? Are we just listing the things we want to buy, or are we expecting that someone show their gratitude for anything, and buy us one of the items in the list?

As soon as we make one wish list private, then it is just for us to track what we want to buy. If we make it public, that means we want to show other what we would like to have. In that case, at least on a small amount, we are expecting to receive any of the items on the wish list for gratitude.

I know of some people that got home and had a package with items from their wish lists. But I do not think there are so many lucky guys.

For me, I was lucky enough for a group of friends to visit my wish list and buy some items to thank me for some work. That was great.

And yes, although I would love any item someone might offer me, my list is mostly to keep track of books (and media) that people suggest me, and that I would like to see in detail later and, probably, buy.

And no, although you might think I would post here my wish list URL, I think that would not be nice 😛