YAPC::EU::2009Next week will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, the tenth Yet Another Perl Conference Europe, also known as YAPC::EU::2009. This event was proposed by José Castro and myself, and is being organized by us with Magda Joana Silva.

Things are almost ready. T-Shirts were bought, proceedings are printed, badges are ready (not for late registered people, sorry), the place is rented, there is food ordered. I think everything is ready, missing some small details.

We have about 320 committed attendees. The problem is that we have just 320 tshirts, and just 300 proceedings books. If you are registering now, be advised that you might not have one tshirt or proceedings.

If you can not come and watch the talks by yourself wait for the videos. We will try to record most talks. They will be made available in the web some time later.


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