New Design and New Backend

Dear readers,

In the last times I have been moving some posts from the old engine (Movable Type) to the new one (WordPress). I took the chance got clean up the number of posts. I think I deleted most of them, maintaining just movie reviews. This way I know the movies I watched already.

Regarding the blog engine, and while I am a Perl addict, I must admit that WordPress is easier to use and configure. I am not sure if it will give more trouble and Movable Type, but I’ll try. People say that WordPress has the problem of being PHP and the problem of spaghetti or not-organized code. I never looked to the source and I do not intend to. Thus, that is not properly relevant to me at the moment.

Also, existing a service hosted by WordPress developers for creating blogs freely makes me more confident on the software than Movable Type, where just a few companies or foundations use it.

If you wish, post comments on this subject. Just be warned that I will not comment on them. I intend to maintain this back-end for some time.

Finally, this blog has an alias URL at if you prefer.