Nikita (Season 2)

Nikita - Crossbow episode

If you didn’t watch this complete season, please stop reading here. Yes, there will be spoilers, right in the next sentence. I confess I wasn’t expecting this end. Given the route of the season, yes, Percy would die, and division would come to an end. But I was expecting this series to end, just like House. I thought that was it, and not much more could be written. And, in fact, if they would continue the route of the first season, or even the second, the series would need to come to an end, fast.

In the first season we had Nikita spoiling up missions from division. It was a season where watching random episodes was possible. Of course some details of relationship between characters would be lost. But the stories were kind of contained in one episode. That route would tire the viewers. It would be the same kind of episode over and over again. That was the idea for series like Knight Rider, or McGuyver. It was also the idea of House, but for that to keep for eight years they changed the main focus from the ill patients to the craziness of House.

In Nikita that changed too. The second season is more like a soap, in the sense that you need to watch the episodes as a sequence to have full understanding of what is going on. People changed sides, and a small team grew together to put Percy down. And if Percy was division, we were expecting the series to finish that way.

But the writer seems to be intelligent, and was able to do a new change in the course, maintaining division, and, hopefully as the good guys.

Count on me to watch the next season. At least if we can keep Lyndsy Fonseca in the cast.