Using Gmail smtp server from within Gmail

I have a gmail account. In my new job, the institutional e-mail is a customized gmail e-mail account. Trying to simplify things, I am forwarding the institutional e-mail do my gmail account. That was simple.

The next step was to make the generic gmail account to compose e-mails both as standard gmail and the institutional one. For that I can choose to use the gmail smtp server or a custom one. When using the gmail smtp server, e-mails have a From field in the header with the institutional e-mail, and a Sender field with the generic gmail e-mail. That is not elegant.

I was trying to configure gmail with a custom smtp server (the institutional smtp server, that is gmail smtp server), in the hope that hides the Sender field. Unfortunately I am without luck. It doesn’t work…

Quiki 0.01 released

quikiQuiki 0.01 was released last night. It can’t be considered a stable release. While it is usable (in fact Quiki homepage is hosted in Quiki) we know that a lot of details are missing to make it a real wiki system. The truth is that the Request Tracker queue created automatically for CPAN modules is only created for indexed modules, and beta versions (the versions we released before) are not indexed (or indexed in some different index) and therefore a RT queue is not created automatically. In fact at the moment the Quiki RT queue was not created yet, but we expect that to be done very soon.

I will not detail here what is the current development state as you can read it in the Quiki homepage. Positive comments, ideas of new features and requests for cooperation can be added here in comment while we do not have that RT queue.

Holidays trends

This graph was prepared after a talk by Enrique Alfonseca, from Google Zurich. He shown usage of Google tools for various Natural Language Processing tasks. Probably I will post about some of them later. For now, here is a simple graphic of Google Trends showing Halloween, Christmas and Easter trends. Do you think it is a coincidence that the intervals are regular, and that the peaks match the holidays days? I do not think so…