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Lego Digital Designer – Missing Parts

There are lot of missing parts in Lego Digital Designer. Although recent bricks might appear in future versions of LDD, I think some older ones will not. I did not find, yet, a resource with missing pieces, or some substitutes. Nevertheless, I found some full designs that include some substitutions that I found useful. Therefore, I decided to create this post where I’ll add substitutes to some LEGO parts.

3137c01 with 3641

Natural Language Processing course

I signed up on a NLP course in the web. Today I received an email from them, and now I wonder how many languages they will be able to teach to process if they are unable to cope with UTF8…

NLP classes with UTF8 problems?

NLP classes with UTF8 problems?

Coby earphones suck

Just to let you know, do not buy any Coby earphone, they suck, and expensive for sucking bad earphones…

Stickers Fail

Stickers Fail

Stickers Fail

I think the 3 and the percent sign are wrong. Probably an horizontal mirror… would fix it 🙂

Price tag placement fail

Price tag placement fail

Price tag placement fail

Classic: Initials Fail

Initials FAIL!

Initials FAIL!

Submitted this fail to, but as it is not the first, and none of my previous fails got published in the main blog, now I am posting them here as well. You can always click the image, and vote for it.

Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 – First Impressions

Installed Firefox 4.0 beta 1 in Mac OS X for about… 5 minutes. For now, loved the reduced size of the toolbar (heh.. where are my bookmarks?.. ok, activated it again). Then, by default text areas are now resizable by the user. Good, as some are quite small (just expanded one at the moment), bad as it can break the page layout. And finally, some problems with my favorite chess website when moving pieces.

iFrames and JavaScript fail?

Was trying to create the typical button to “remove frames” from a site, opening the main iframe content in the full window. While it was easy to make the iframe content to change with a simple HTML link and a target property, it is not easy to make the “remove frames” button to work.

I tried a simple JavaScript function that retrieves the ‘src’ property from the ‘iframe’ object and assigns it to the document location. Unfortunately, it seems that both Firefox and Chrome does not update the iframe DOM object with the correct url property when the user clicks in one link that uses the “target” property.

My current solution would be to change the links with target property to JavaScript actions. But that is insane.

Am I doing something wrong? And, this is a bug or a feature?

Linux gives too many choices…

Every time I touch a Linux not installed by myself I got to the same feeling. Linux gives too much choices when installing a new operating system and the default options are good just if the only user of the machine is the administrator. If the guy installing the Linux does not have knowledge on what he is doing the result is a mess.

For instance, if you install a fresh Ubuntu you will get no man pages installed.

At the present moment I am in a Fedora 11 installed by a University administrator. If I type ‘cpan’ I get perl complaining about CPAN module not being installed. Then, what is the use of Perl in this situation?

These complains are from a geek, programmer, etc. I know that most desktop users will not have these needs. But I do not think it is a good idea to focus primarily desktop users. Probably the default option should be a sane environment for both worlds.

Moblin 2.1, last impressions

Moblin logoLast time I used Moblin 2.1 it suggested me to update the operating system. About 200MB of downloads. After about half an hour of downloads and updates (the SSD is quite slow) I turned the machine down. Today I turned the machine on and… the operating system crashed with a message that a component failed, and asking if I wanted to submit a bug report. Said yes. Computer freeze. Tried a reboot. Component failed. Said to dismiss the bug report. Computer freeze.