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Data Wing

Data Wing

Data Wing

From time to time I install some new game to pass some time with, on my Android. Basically, when I need to wait for some appointment, I play a little. Normally I end up ending puzzles, that are more of the same, or very similar to some other games, and with no interesting novelty.

But from time to time I get surprised. And this was the case, with Data Wing. It is a simple game, with simple controls, a simple gameplay and a story!! This is the part I liked more. As you probably know, I teach on a computer game development course, and sometimes my students say that they want to develop a simple racing game, or other of the kind, and as given it is a racing game, there is no story. Data Wing proves that any game can have a story. And in this case, an interesting one.

Other than this, I like the colorful graphics, with some “visual noise”, and the fact that the controls are hidden. Why add two buttons, for turning right and left, taking screen space? Just teach the player that there are two hidden big buttons, and then no need to keep their visual. It gets instinctive.

If you are tired of the same old games, give Data Wing a try. Really.

The Fate of the Furious (2017)

Well, undoubtedly, Fast and Furious is just another franchising, but the last (yeah, the eighth) is just great. Not as an action movie, or as a car movie. But for fun! Really. A gave a lot of bigger laughs with this movie than with some “comedies”. But this sequence shown above, with Jason Statham, is just great. Not just the baby is cute, but Jason is a good enough actor to be cheerful and cute, despite of his “brutality” history on these movie. Hope the quality of this sequence of action/affection can inspire for future movies. Love it.

MonoGame: From Windows to Linux

The traditional way to have a C# MonoGame Project compile both under Linux and Windows is to use a tool named Protobuild. With the last version (3.6), the MonoGame OpenGL template for a cross platform game includes references to the libraries in the three main formats: DLL for windows, DyLib for mac, and so for Linux. This seemed like a good chance for making things work.

And it mostly did. Change to the path where the .csproj file resides, and run xbuild. The bin folder should be created, and inside there, a path accordingly with your project configuration. For example, bin/DesktopGL/AnyCPU/Debug. Then, go there, and just run your game with
mono Project.exe.

(future work: check how to make things work outside the output dir)

How its Made Dream Cars – Season 4

More of the same.

Idle Town

Idle Town

Idle Town

I post about Idle Town for two main reasons. First, because it is a project from students on the Polytechnic Institute where I teach. Second, because it is a type of.. well… game, that I wasn’t expected. And, worse, I wasn’t expected I would run it so many times myself.

The game does not need any thinking, strategy or whatsoever. The player just needs to tap in the screen. Mostly anywhere. In the big coin, to get extra money (for free), or tapping in an empty field, or in an existing building, to create a new building, or to upgrade it.

So, no, you do not need to manage your money. You can ask for more just clicking in the coin, or waiting for the time to go by. And, curiously enough, this is a lot entertaining…

PR-Challenge: January

Cross posted from my blog.

As pointed out in my previous post (here), in the January assignment on the Pull Request Challenge, I got the Data::ObjectDriver module.

For this module I created two very simple pull requests. One regarding its management with Module::Install, that is quite dependent on the author’s taste. That one wasn’t merged yet and who knows if it will. The second one, also very simple, just fixed a test that relied on a DBD::SQLite error message that changed with recent versions. This PR was merged, and a development version of the module just hit CPAN.

Meanwhile, I think the most interesting achievement on this month challenge was that with this we got SIXAPART guys, that use this module heavily, to adopt it. Therefore, the current maintainer that did not have much time for it can now rest, and the module will get updated in the future. Also, the SIXAPART guys just resurrected their CPAN account.

This all to say that this challenge can be useful in quite different ways.

SimCity Build It (game review)

After the Diablo III post this might be just the second time I review a game, Probably this might get a constant in the future not just because I like to play games, but also because in the later years I have been teaching some computer science courses about digital games.

So, getting to SimCity Build It, and trying not to repeat much of the last post about tamagotchies. This is just another FarmVille like game, where you produce goods and use those goods to earn money, so you can produce yet more goods and get more money.

Where Farmville and Hay Day have the animals, SimCity has the buildings.  If in Farmville you planted plants, here you build factories. But unlike farm Ville animals and plants animations would be kind of enough to motivate some players, SimCity is quite limited and repetitive,

I got to level 10 without much effort, and without paying anything, and I think I would be able to climb some more levels without problems, but I got tired of wayting, tired of playing when the game wants and not when I need some distraction.

Also, or my tablet is slow, or the loading time for a city is too much. I can’t get to any neighbour city in time to buy some specific good. When the game ends loading the city market no longer lists the good I am interested in,

2 in 5


PR-Challenge: January 1st PR

Cross Posted from my Perl Blogs blog.

So, yeah, to make me more active in the Perl community I decided to join the Pull Request Challenge. I have a quite big number of modules to maintain, but sometimes it is good to look to some other people code to learn something.

My attribution for January was Data::ObjectDriver. I am not sure, yet, what this module is about, but I learned some stuff already, dealing with Module::Install. That was enough for a simple Pull Request [see here]. Hopefully it will be useful for other people as well. Also, hope it gets accepted.

Although this is enough for the Challenge, I expect, in the next days, to prepare at least one more Pull Request. So, stay tuned.

EDIT: The second pull request [here] did not take that much time. Fixed a test that was failing given new error message on DBD::SQLite.

Y tu mamá también (2001)

Maribel Verdú as Luisa Cortés

Maribel Verdú as Luisa Cortés

If at first this (Mexican) movie can seems an Erotic movie, it is much more than that. You can start suspecting that if you notice the classification as a Drama movie, and later, when you start wondering why an erotic movie would have a 7.7 classification at IMDB.

No, not because of the boobies (there aren’t that many) or the cunts (not so many, too). But because of the message the movie passes. You won’t understand it fully until the end (or at least, I did not). The way the narrator interrupts the movie to say something, and the fact that he doesn’t say, always, relevant things to the movie, makes it kind of harder to understand the real reason for the way the movie rolls.

If you do not get easily shocked with sex talk, and some nudity, then probably you will like to watch the movie and, and the end, it will make you think about (yours) live.

Star Trek (2009)

Zoe Saldana as Uhura

Zoe Saldana as Uhura

Yeah, only me to put a screenshot with Uhura for Star Trek. But then, if you notice my other post about the last Star Trek movie, I put some underwear as well. So, for consistency, I decided to follow the same idea.

And, yeah, as usual (not really, but…) I watched these last two Star Trek movies in the wrong order, so I missed some details in the last one, that were explained properly on this. So, sorry for the spoilers. Stop here if you do not want any.

When watching the second movie I though our good old Leonard Nimoy (aka THE Spock) was some kind of father for the new Spock. Just understood they are the same with this movie.

Regarding the story, I must confess that I though of this dual life (travel back in time, change the future) was a decent solution to continue this saga. It allows to construct new lives for the characters we all know, without the weight on “hey, you are changing the story.. it didn’t go that way”. So, now two different stories can be told, in parallel. Probably (mostly sure) a lot of Star Trek fans did not like this solution. But for me, it was a damn good choice.