Modern Family (Season 7)

Modern Family (season 7)

Modern Family (season 7)

Although I finished this season some weeks ago, I did not notice there were no more episodes. The fact of every episode having a different story, with minimal umbrella story (the one that glues episodes together), and the lack of a season finale are the reasons for missing it.

In any case, Modern Family continues as good as it was. I still think that Alex Dumphy deserves an episode meeting Sheldon at Caltech (even being two different producers, why not?) and I think Manny, like above, is deserving a chance with a girl. Not necessarily a hot blonde, but I feel for him. Probably because I think I deserve this chance too…

Fishing Naked (2015)

Fishing Naked

Fishing Naked

Just another crappy movie. Fishing Naked has nothing, or almost nothing to do with fishing or naked. It is about Big Foot and this strange creature you can see above. The story is not interesting, the pace of the movie is too slow, and without any real interest. No idea why I downloaded it in the first place. Took about a month to complete it. Crap.

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The Big Bang Theory (Season 9)

The Big Bang Theory continues to be fun, even with all the marriages. And I continue envying Raj… two cute girlfriends…



I do not have much more to say this time. Waiting for Season 10!

LG G4 Stylus – Bad phone or bad support?

I am not sure if I was just unlucky, or if LG is really selling crap hardware. Well, up to some point, yes, LG is really selling crap hardware. But it can’t be just that.. or is it?

Well, the thing I know for sure, is that G4 Stylus stylus suck. It is not a stylus like the Samsung Note series. It is a standard rub-based stylus. That kind of stylus is not practical for drawing, or writing, just for minor sketches. I confess that I was stupid on not noticing that before buying it. But the chance on getting a note-similar hardware at a low price did not work as desired.

Other than that, that I am sure is LG crap, my remaining complains can be fault of LG support in Portugal. After less than a month of use, the screen got problems. Unfortunately, the phone was bought a little more than a month, and as such, the store did not replace the device. It was sent to support, that took a month to repair it.

The phone got back working. Sort of. At first it seemed like it was working. But after some time (far more than useful to complain) I noticed the lack of vibration. Yep, it came like that from the repair support. I couldn’t complain, so, I continued used it.

A cool thing on this phone was the double tap on the screen to lock it, and to unlock it. It worked… during some time. Then, sometimes. And now, rarely.

A friend said the buttons in the back were weird. I confess I liked them more than the common buttons in the side of the device. Or at least, I liked them while they worked. Now, sometimes I have to press for more than 5 seconds to awake the phone. Sometimes I get mad trying different approaches to try to get the phone awake.

But then I got lucky. And a friend offered me a Samsung S6 Edge +. And that luck sent bad luck to LG. I am returning the G4 Stylus for warranty.




Usually I do not play much on my Android phone. But when waiting for someone or something, to have a good puzzle is worth it.

Slitherlink, as you can look up in the Internet, is not an idea of this app author. It is a known puzzle, and if you look up in Google Play, you will notice a few implementations.

I can’t say that this one is the best, as I did not test any other. But it installed correctly, runs smoothly, and seems to have some good diversity of modes and difficulty levels. Therefore, I am quite happy with it, happy enough to consider buying the ad-free version, with extra levels. Truth be said, the free version includes a good mount of levels, and ads are not intrusive. So, kudos for that.

About the game, it is up to you to read about it and test it. It can be seen as some sort of minesweeper, with some reasoning mechanisms also used in sudoku.

American Mary (2012)

American Mary

American Mary

American Mary is a horror movie that could be tricky to watch if I didn’t had a degree on grotesque with Hannibal series. So, yeah, expect grotesque. More grotesque than blood, more grotesque than horror itself.

I can’t say the movie is great. But as some good moments. For those, the 6 I gave at IMDB. But for that classification I was forgetting some veeerryyyy slooooww scenes that are not needed to get in the right mood. A little less would be enough.

If you like grotesque, if you like to see a cute girl in blood, then this might be for you. But be warned.

eXist-db: Installing XQuery functx module

existdbUsing the blog as a notepad, I will start posting here some notes on things I discover and are not very clear in the documentation (or I just did not find it at first).

In the last times I have been hacking in eXist-db, and writing XQuery. I noticed a website with a lot of interesting functions with the functx prefix. The eXist-db website help reference returns hits for this module. But it is not installed by default (or at least, it can happen on not being installed by default).

To install it, just run this XQuery command:

repo:install-and-deploy(“”, “1.0”,

After installation the functx module can be loaded with

import module namespace functx = “” at “/db/system/repo/functx-1.0/functx/functx.xql”;

Also, for reference, I found the list of eXist packages here.

The Intern (2015)

Anne Hathaway @ The Intern

Anne Hathaway @ The Intern

Not much to say about the movie. A romantic comedy, and no, the romance was not between Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. It is a fund movie to watch. a few slow scenes, but mostly enjoyable to watch.

Also was interesting to see Adam DeVine out of Modern Family, and Andrew Rannells out of Girls. And those who know me, know that the fact of having Anne Hathaway around made me stick. Yes, she is very cute.

IGI Global: the clown of scientific publishing?

I am not sure how I agreed to write a chapter for a book to be published in IGI Global. Probably, being edited by a friend that invited me personally to send a proposal made the difference.

I have my contribution ready, but starting to think on just forgetting it. Why? Because IGI Global is, surely, kidding with me. They have a set of rules for their contributions, and somewhere in the middle, they say, and I quote:


LaTex. LaTex files are NOT accepted because they are not compatible with IGI Global’s typesetting program. As an alternative, we require that you use MathType (see “Equations” below).

First, dear IGI, when not possible to use the fancy form of LaTeX, the latest X should be in uppercase. Second, if hey are not compatible with your typesetting program, that is probably because you are using the wrong typesetting program. And, no, LaTeX is not useful only for math. Please learn what LaTeX is, try to use it, then evaluate how it can be useful or not for your editorial requirements.

Third (or fourth, I think I will stop counting), look to other publishing houses. Who are your adversaries? Springer, probably. Do you know they use LaTeX? Yeah, they do! And they create good quality document. Of course they do, they use LaTeX. And no, I have an IGI book, and no, your books does not have typesetting quality. I am sorry.

Finally, because I have some hours to lose formatting the chapter, if you want us to use Microsoft Word, please create a template in Word. Do you know what that is? You know how it can be useful? Do you? I am sure you don’t.


How It Is Made – Dream Cars – Season 2

Koenigsegg One:1

Koenigsegg One:1

And I get to the end of the second season. As I said when writing about the first season, the episodes start to be quite similar ones to the others. For this season, I liked more the episode on Tesla Model S, because being electric it is completely different from the other cars. Also, the Koenigsegg episode was cool given the machine it refers to.

Not sure if I will watch the next season soon, but at least the first episode, about BMW i8, makes me want to watch. But I might finish some other series first.